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We provide you a comprehensive diet plan customized to your specific needs, food choices and body type. We provide you regular nutritional counselling to help you stay healthy and to lose weight with ease.

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Anjali Adhikari

Anjali is a friendly and enthusiastic dietitian. Who is quite dedicated towards her job. She has immense sense of responsibility for her clients and tends to deal with them with great empathy.

When it comes to deal with her clients, she is very disciplined but at the same time, deals with them with needed cooperation. She explains the plan or diet to them with necessary details and impart the awareness about the same quite actively.

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Listen to what my clients say

  • Aakash, 24 years
    I cannot say enough good things about Anjali. Not only did I learned about nutrition but the food and the science behind it all. My goal was short term weight loss, but I learned how to maintain a healthy way to eat long term with Anjali.
    Aakash, 24 years
  • Sushma, 20 years

    Anjali is everything you could want in a dietitian. She's an expert and encouraging. She doesn't expect you to stop eating or count calories. In fact, she's full of tips to help you eat better and feel fuller!

    Sushma, 20 years

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